Terms and Conditions of JBs LIVE Membership

1. By completing the Members Application Form you confirm you have reviewed, understood and agree to these JBs LIVE Membership Program terms. 
2. We reserve the right to change these terms from time to time, and you agree that each time you use the JBs LIVE Members Card you accept the terms as existing at that time on http://www.JBsDowntown.com.
3. Participation in the JBs LIVE Membership Program is open only to individuals (including employees of JBs Downtown Joplin). Participation is offered at the discretion of JBs Downtown Joplin, who has the right to accept or reject any application to participate at its sole discretion.
4. Membership to JBs LIVE Membership Program entails an annual $25.00 administration fee and Membership continues for 12 months.
5. The LIVE From JBs Membership Cards are not debit, credit or charge cards, are not transferable and remain the property of JBs Downtown Joplin.
6. The JBs LIVE Membership Card is a reward card only and benefits can only be applied upon presentation of the card by the relevant card member. 
7. JBs Live Membership Cards are only valid at JBs Downtown Joplin and is not valid with any other coupons, vouchers, discounts or in-store offers.
(a) NO CHARGE of cover or tickets to any live music event at JBs Downtown Joplin
(b) 20% discount on all purchases excluding but not limited to clothing items and other promotional items from JBs Downtown Joplin.
(c) such other benefits as listed on www.JBsDowntown.com, on our FB page and in our Newsletter from time to time. 
9. JBs Downtown Joplin reserves the right to change the benefits and terms anytime without notice. Terms will be updated on the website www.JBsDowntown.com.
10. From time to time JBs Downtown Joplin may send you offers in conjunction with other loyalty programs operated within the establishment.
11. From time to time JBs Downtown Joplin may send you offers from partners of JBs Downtown Joplin or JBsDowntown.com.
12. Each member card is valid for one person only and cannot be used by any person other than the Member whose membership number appears on the card issued. 
13. JBs is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen cards and a charge will apply for the replacement of any card. 
14. Membership may be cancelled/ refused to individuals by JBs at its discretion, if Membership is deemed to be fraudulent, linked to a fraudulent Membership and/or a Member engages at JBs and/or to a JBs employee in a derogatory, harmful, drunken and/or manner otherwise regarded by JBs as highly inappropriate.
15. You are solely responsible for any government tax, duty or other charge imposed by law in any country in respect of JBs LIVE Membership Card, your participation in JBs LIVE Membership Program, JBs giveaways, prizes or vouchers issued or any other transaction within or resulting from the program.
16. Any failure or delay by JBs in exercising its rights under these Terms does not constitute a waiver of those rights and any waiver by JBs must be in writing and signed by an authorized officer of JBs.
17. JBs reserves the right to terminate LIVE Membership Program at any time by giving you at least 30 days prior written notice in which case you will cease to be able to use and/or participate within the program and JBs shall have no further liability to you.
18. Except as provided in any law which cannot lawfully be excluded or modified by agreement, JBs does not accept any liability whatsoever, including for negligent acts and omissions, with respect to: 
a) the breach of any of these terms or any term implied by law (including statute) by any person other than JBs; 
b) any JBs LIVE Membership benefit or other reward, prize or giveaway; 
c) any death or injury or consequential loss or damage arising from the supply of a benefit and/or other reward, prize, giveaway; 
d) the loss, theft or destruction of a membership card or any other member benefit or other reward, prize, giveaway;
e) any failure, delay or inability to provide a JBs LIVE Membership Card or other benefit or other reward, prize, giveaway to you caused by circumstances beyond its control, including strikes or industrial disputes, acts of God, flood, weather, war or civil disturbance; and
f) any other liability, loss or damage incurred or suffered by any Member (or any other person) in connection with JBs LIVE Membership Program.
19. JBs may give you notice: 
a) by advertisement in a newspaper circulating throughout our area; 
b) by email or sms (to the last known email address or mobile number provided), which you are taken to have received upon the sender receiving confirmation the message has been sent;
c) by JBs website (www.JBsDowntown.com), which you are taken to have received within 5 days of posting on the website; or
d) in writing, which you are taken to have received if issued by hand, immediately, or given by post on the earlier of the date of receipt or 3 days after it was sent via post;
20. You must advise JBs of any change of name, address, or other details as soon as the change occurs. JBs is not responsible for any failure by you to notify JBs LIVE Membership of the change that may result in the loss of JBs LIVE Membership and/or any other rewards, prizes, giveaways. Written proof acceptable to JBs must be supplied for any change of details. Changes to address can be made by email to jbs@jbsjoplin.com or in writing to JBs, PO Box 691, Joplin, MO 64802.
21. These terms will be construed according to and governed by the laws of Missouri and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Jasper County.
22. You consent to us, our franchisees, licensees, and business partners contacting you from time to time, including via telephone, post, facsimile and electronic (ie sms, internet) methods.
23. You agree that you have read and accept the terms of our privacy policy on www.JBsDowntown.com including without limitation the collection, use and disclosure of personal information.
24. Definitions:
(a) “Application Form” means JBs LIVE Membership Application Form required to be completed by the individual to become a member.
(b) “Member” means the person who is a member of JBs LIVE Membership Program and whose name is connect with the card number on the member card.
(c) “JBs” means JBs Piano Bar, LLC store, whether it be a franchise or corporately owned and/or operated.
(d) “JBs LIVE Membership” means the loyalty program operated and managed by JBs by which a Member may receive the member benefits in accordance with these Terms. 
(e) “LIVE Membership Benefits” means the facilities, services, products, discounts, offers, activities and events or arrangements offered or available to Members from time to time.
(f) “LIVE Membership Card” means member card provided by JB for use by each Member in relation to JBs LIVE Membership.
(g) We/us/JBs” means JBs Piano Bar, LLC 112 S. Main St. Joplin, MO 64801.